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1. Conservation

1.1. Animal Rightists - Violating the Legitimate Rights of Most People
Author: Ron Thomson    Date Published: 05 May 2017 18

To the man in the street, living within the gigantic concrete inner cities of the First World, the term "animal rights" has a wholesome and acceptable ring. It is easy for the city slicker to erroneously cultivate the idea that it is synonymous with "animal welfare". Learn more

1.2. World Wildlife Summit Recognizes the Important Role of Trophy Hunting
Author: Johannesburg    Date Published: 05 October 2016 17

183 Countries recognizes that "well-managed and sustainable trophy hunting is consistent with and contributes to species conservation, as it provides both livelihood opportunities for rural communities and incentives for habitat conservation, and generates benefits which can be invested for conservation purposes". Learn more

1.3. Hunting Is Conservation: African Trophy Hunting - Facts and Fiction
Author: Dr. Alan W. Maki    Date Published: 11 September 2015 19

The recent media frenzy over the killing of two named lions in Zimbabwe has brought undue focus to African big game hunting. While conflicting versions of exactly what happened prevail, we will let the legal system determine first if these actually were illegal acts and secondly where guilt lays. Learn more

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