Luxury Hunting Lodge

Enjoy your favorite drink and watch the breathtaking sunset from this perfectly situated location as you celebrate your successful hunt.

Our luxurious hunting lodge is of the highest standards with a splendid charm and charismatic ambiance. It has been designed to exude luxury, African character, charm and comfort. Our lodge is always reserved exclusively to each group which means total privacy.

We have 4 separate thatch roofed chalets, each sleeping 2 guests and equipped with their own on-suites, air conditioner, bar fridge and safe. The main area is similarly constructed with an open concept, consisting of a spacious bar area, dining area, and seating areas. Outside is a large patio area equipped with a pool and lounge chairs, a bonfire area, comfortable seating area and dining area. Fresh and delicious meals are prepared daily by our experienced chef and kitchen staff. Game meat is always utilized when possible. The day begins with a scrumptious breakfast. Lunch takes place either at the lodge or with a beautiful set up in the field. The most special time of day is sunset. Sun-downers are either offered at the lodge or in selected scenic spots in the field. A nightly bonfire is tradition and takes place every evening with freshly prepared snacks. Last but not least is dinner, which consists of a 3 course meal, fresh bread and salads.

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