Meet our Team

At Heritage Safaris we take great pride in having an exceptionally loyal, experienced and passionate team.

Our PH's, trackers, skinners and lodge staff are highly trained and disciplined in their field of work to ensure the client is presented with an extraordinary individualized experience. Our Staff have all been in the hunting industry for most of their lives and are extremely passionate about their work. All willing to go the extra mile to show our hunters an unbeatable experience.


Stephan Bamm Owner Heritage Safaris

Stephan Stamm
Founder / Owner & PH in Tanzania

Stephan Stamm is the founder of Heritage Safaris. As a young boy living in Switzerland he accompanied his father on hunting excursions to Kenya and Tanzania where his love of East Africa and the traditional East African Safari Experience became instilled into his core. These experiences led to his desire to hunt professionally. His personal game bag includes the Big 5 as well as a wide variety of plains game. He has guided a multitude of hunters from several continents.

Stephan is the Senior Professional Hunter planning and directing the daily hunting activities. His personal attention to all aspects of the daily hunting effort is what ensures a quality hunting experience relatively unmatched in the safari industry. Stephan is a life member of Safari Club International (SCI), a member of Tanzanian Professional Hunters Association (TPHA) and the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA).


Wayne Saayman PH Heritage Safaris

Wayne Saayman
Partner & Big 5 PH

Wayne Saayman has been raised around wild game his entire life. Coming from a family very much involved in the gaming industry he was working with wildlife with his father growing up therefore being destined to be passionate about wildlife as well. Wayne started hunting himself at the young age of 6 years old. He then started his flying career when he was only 17. He got his helicopter and fixed wing license mainly to concentrate on wildlife work from the air. In 2009 he decided he wanted to become more involved in the hunting side of the business and received his PH license. Wayne has hunted an impressive number of buffalo himself as well as the big 5 and other dangerous game like Hippo & Crocodile. Wayne lives for the nature whether it’s taking clients out hunting, hunting & fishing himself or wildlife helicopter work. He has been in the wildlife industry his entire life and looks forward to many more years in the industry.


Jurie Wessels PH and Passionate Hunter

Jurie Wessels
PH & Passionate hunter

Jurie grew up on a farm in South Africa. He was hunting ever since he can remember. It started with a slingshot then a pellet gun and then he got his first .22 rifle at the age of 8. He knew then that hunting was his passion.

Walking and stalking is what he lives for. His modo is that’s what hunting is all about. Jurie considers it to be a great privilege to be able to share that experience and love of nature with fellow hunters & clients.

Jurie qualified as a PH back in 2006 and started hunting professionally in the Limpopo province. Following that he spent 3 years in Botswana where he learned valuable tracking and animal behavior skills from the local bushman hunters making him a skilled and knowledgeable PH.



Our Staff


Our Chef


Agnus, one of our lodge staff

Lodge Staff

Staff at the Heritage Safaris Hunting Lodge

Lodge Staff

Staff at the Heritage Safaris Hunting Lodge

Lodge Staff

Waiter at the Heritage Safaris Hunting Lodge


Simon, one of our skinners


Stoffel, one of our trackers


One of our Skinners


Mbuso, one of our trackers


Skinner with Heritage Hunting Safaris


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