Dangerous Game Safaris in South Africa

We own the land upon which we hunt, and we carefully manage our Reserve to produce the best trophy heads. Our PHs have hunted in a multitude of African countries. They know the habits and traits of dangerous game animals and pursue them with a sincere passion ensuring that every adventure will be an unforgettable experience full of excitement.

Heritage Safaris has built its reputation upon its pre-eminence in the quality of dangerous game we have to offer.


Cape/African Buffalo Hunting

Buffalo hunting is definitely our specialty. This hunt is probably one of the most exhilarating and often a favorite amongst our clients. These hunts are always different so you never know what to expect. We have a very big population of Buffalo on our reserve with very large trophy sizes to make any hunter proud.

Rhino Hunting

We are committed to the conservation of the white Rhinoceros. Through our direct connection with one of the preeminent breeders of white rhinoceros in South Africa we are able to provide habitat for excess overly mature non-breeding bulls and cows on our Loskop Game Reserve. This is one of the most touching and humbling hunts one can do. These hunts take place strictly through spot and- stalk techniques at very close quarters. Rhino hunting regulations are quite strict in South Africa. An application for the permit must be submitted to the Game department no later than 6 months prior to the hunt taking place.

Elephant Hunting

The most majestic animal in all of Africa! There is no doubt that this is the holy grail of all hunts for any avid hunter. To be faced against an elephant is like no other experience. Nothing can compare to this feeling.


We offer Elephant hunting safaris in the APNR (Associated Private Nature Reserves) in the Hoedspruit area. Elephants are abundant in these areas. The population is growing, and removal of select individuals is part of the management plan to protect the habitat of the reserve. However, only a small number of select licenses are issued each year. Our long-term participation in the management plan enables us to access a limited number of these licenses.

This is a tented hunting safari of 5-8 days, which provides the safari enthusiast with an experience akin to the fabled East African Safaris of yesteryear.


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