Bow Hunting Safaris in South Africa

Our reserve offers tremendous opportunities for bow hunting, which would exceed any passionate bow hunter’s expectations.

The thrill of the hunt is heightened when going after some of Africa’s toughest game with a bow.

Our methods of hunting are walk & stalk and blinds. Our experienced Ph’s and trackers have guided many bow hunts and are experts at getting as close as possible to the targets to ensure that out hunters get the most out of their experience.

The preferred months for bow hunting are May to September as the vegetation is dry and a lot less dense.

A permit is not required to import your bow into South Africa. All species of game up to Buffalo are permitted to be hunted with a bow in South Africa. “Thick skinned” species such as Rhino, Elephant and Hippo are not permitted for bow hunting.

Please contact us if you wish to find our more about Bow Hunting in South Africa.

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